Structural Engineers Keep The Infrastructure Safe

The infrastructure of your city includes things like roads and bridges. These things are very important. Everyone in your town depends on those roads and bridges working as they are designed to do. There are people whose jobs include making sure that the bridges and roads in your city are safe and functional. Structural engineers are included in that group.  What Is a Structural Engineer? Any engineer is involved in the physical workings of the world. [Read More]

Looking At Foreclosed Or Bankruptcy Homes With Water Damage In The Basement? Don't Let This Scare You Aaway

If there is water damage around the basement of a home you want to buy and the home is going through the foreclosure or the bankruptcy process, there are some important things you want to know. The house may not have a water problem, but instead the financial problems of the owners led to the water issue. Talk with your realtor about having the problem inspected to see buying the house is still a good investment. [Read More]

Preparing Gutters For The Winter

If you have gutters on your home to help direct water away from your roof and foundation, you will want to take steps to prepare them for cooler weather. During the winter, snow and ice buildup can occur, making gutters vulnerable to breakage if they are not maintained properly. Taking the steps to remove debris and make repairs to cracked portions before winter weather hits can help save your home from unnecessary damage. [Read More]

How To Remove Water From Your Catering Company's Kitchen

With the holidays on their way, keeping your catering business running smoothly is a must. But when water damages your kitchen, you can't meet your customers' orders on time or safely. If you wait too long to clean up the water, mold and mildew can develop in your kitchen. Simply mopping up the water or allowing it to air dry won't keep mold and mildew from forming. Instead, you need to use a high-powered carpet dryer fan. [Read More]