Win The Fight Against Mold In Your Bathtub

One of the places where mold and mildew seems to like to hang out the most in the home is within the bathtub or shower. Bathtubs and showers present the perfect place for mold to grow and thrive; they are full of moisture, typically warm, and often dark when not in use. Here are a few tips that will help you finally win the fight against mold in your bathtub. [Read More]

Tips For Dealing With A Water Damaged Carpet

Wet carpet is a big concern because it takes a long time to dry out, and when it's damp, it's an ideal environment for mold growth. In fact, you may think your carpet is fine, but the pad underneath it can still be damp and growing mold. So, when you have a wet carpet, you need to take quick action to get it dried out as soon as possible. Here are some tips that may help. [Read More]

The Impact Of Foundation Damage On A Home's Resale Value (And How To Fix The Problem)

Homeowners often neglect to pay attention to the effects that foundation damage has on their home and its value. Unfortunately, this often causes them to avoid repair until it is too late, causing severe damage that can seriously impact a home's worth. Here's what you need to know about this problem and how to fix it. The Major Financial Impact Of A Damaged Foundation When your foundation is damaged, it will cause a major impact on your home. [Read More]

4 Warning Signs You Need A New Roof This Spring

As you clean the debris off your roof and clean out your gutters this spring, make sure that you are also inspecting the condition of your roof. Here are five signs that you need to replace your existing roof this spring. #1 Spongy Feelings To Your Roof When you walk on your roof, it should feel strong and stable. You should not feel like you are walking across marshy land or a trampoline when you walk across your roof. [Read More]