Tackle Your Winter Foundation Problems With Basement Waterproofing

Winter can bring a lot of headaches for home owners. Winter tasks include things like having to repeatedly shovel the driveway or having to keep your faucets running in order to avoid frozen pipes. But there's another potential problem that Old Man Winter could cause for your house, and it's something that might not be immediately obvious because it's literally under the ground. Snow and ice can cause issues with your home's foundation over time, and that in turn could cause issues for your basement if it's not waterproofed. Here's some more information about how winter can wreck havoc on your foundation and how a company that offers basement waterproofing services can help.

Freezing Water Causes Expansion That Can Move Your Soil

When water makes its way down into the soil around your house's foundation, it is not an immediate problem in and of itself. But when the weather turns cold, that water will freeze and when water freezes, it expands. This means that the soil on your property may slowly shift over time as water repeatedly freezes and unfreezes depending on the temperature. If this reaction is occurring in the soil that makes up your house's foundation, you can begin to develop a problem over time.

A Shifting Foundation Can Cause Small Cracks

As water freezes and expands underground, this could put additional pressure on your house's foundation, right up against the basement walls. As pressure is applied, your basement walls could slowly begin to form small cracks along the exterior. You might not even notice this right away though because everything will look fine at first from inside the basement. But over time, these cracks could expand and eventually, water will be able to seep in.

A Compromised Basement Can Cause All Kinds of Issues

Once the cracks along your foundation have allowed water to accumulate, you may end up having a mess to clean up. For example, water that seeps in could cause the development of mold or mildew behind your basement wall. In a worst case scenario, you could have water actively dripping down your walls, leading to long-term damage to either those walls or whatever you keep stored in your basement.

Basement Waterproofing Can Help

A basement waterproofing service will work to fill up any cracks it discovers so that water can no longer seep in. Your basement walls and overall foundation will become much more capable of standing up to expanding water that causes the soil to shift. Contact a local waterproofing services provider today for more information.