Repairing A Water Damaged Home

After a home suffers water damage, there will be a major need for repairs to be made. Otherwise, the property could be at risk of suffering extensive and widespread structural damages. While it is possible for a home that has suffered water damage to be restored, there are some basic pieces of information that the homeowner will need to know.

Is Rotting The Only Concern For Wood Floors?

The floors of a home can be extremely susceptible to being damaged by flooding. In particular, wood flooring is among the most vulnerable to suffering water damage. While rotting is one of the most noticeable and well-known types of damage that can occur to wood flooring, buckling can be another concern that might occur. As the wood flooring panels swell from the moisture, they will no longer fit together correctly, which can lead to them buckling in this manner. This problem can be prevented if the wood flooring is dried rapidly enough, but this will require the specialized equipment of professional water damage restoration services.

How Long Will You Have To Vacate The House?

Whether or not your family will have to vacate the house will depend on where the water damage occurred as well as the type of water damage. If the water damage has occurred to floors in areas of the home that can not be avoided, you will have to vacate. However, if this area can be sealed off from the rest of the home or if it is in an otherwise isolated area, you might not have to leave the house during repairs. When it is necessary for you to leave the home, this work may be completed in as little as a day or two. Homeowners may be skeptical that this will be able to be completed in such a short time frame, but the powerful water vacs and ventilation systems can make rapidly drying the home possible.

Do Water Damage Services Handle The Disposal Of Destroy Items?

There are likely to be many items and pieces of debris that will need to be thrown away as a result of the water damage. This can be a major challenge due to the weight, size and difficulty of transporting these items and materials. Water damage restoration services will almost always handle the removal of structural debris for their clients. However, it will usually be up to the homeowner to have furniture or other belongings transported away from the home.

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