Looking At Foreclosed Or Bankruptcy Homes With Water Damage In The Basement? Don't Let This Scare You Aaway

If there is water damage around the basement of a home you want to buy and the home is going through the foreclosure or the bankruptcy process, there are some important things you want to know. The house may not have a water problem, but instead the financial problems of the owners led to the water issue.

Talk with your realtor about having the problem inspected to see buying the house is still a good investment. Most foreclosed or bankruptcy properties are sold as is, so you will have to deal with the remains of the water damage, but you may not have to worry about it again in the future. Consider the following things.

Was the Power Turned Off?

Was the power turned off on the property? If so, the owners may not have had a sump pump with a battery backup for power, and the basement could have only flooded because there wasn't a pump on to pump out the water properly. The bank may have had the power turned back on for showings, but by that point the basement may have already flooded.

Does the Sump Pump Work?

Have the sump pump tested to see if it works. You can fill the crock with water and see if it turns on and if it pumps the water out. If not, add in the cost for a new sump pump when you are considering the property, and consider having the pump lines that go outside cleaned out at the time the new pump is installed.

What is the Cost for Damage Restoration and Sealing?

Have a water damage restoration company like Western Skies Restoration Inc, inspect the basement and give you a cost to clean up the residue and bacteria left behind by the minor flooding. After they clean it, see if they can seal the basement walls to protect the foundation from any further flooding, and to prevent odors and leaks. This is a cost you have to figure in when you consider purchasing the home.

If you are looking at a home and it has water damage along the foundation in the basement, this doesn't mean that there is going to be a water problem when you own the home. Have the sump pump looked at and ask about the power situation to determine if the basement flooded only because the pump wasn't on to get the water out. If so, you can buy the house without fear of a future flood.