Fire Repair Experts Help Completely Remove Smoke Damage From Your Home

It's amazing how strong a smoky smell can be. Anyone who has ever been around a fire when camping knows that getting that smell out of your hair and clothes is difficult. When a home has a fire in it, even if it's isolated to only one room, the smoke can leave a strong smell and other damage that is hard to get rid of. Because of how difficult it is to get rid of smoke damage after a fire, your best option may be to hire a fire damage repair company. Here are some ways they can help you get your home back to normal:

Identify and Remove Items That Have No Hope of Repair

If something is severely burned, the smell of smoke will remain with it permanently. Repair crews will help you identify any carpet, pad, furniture, or clothes that are beyond repair and help you remove them from the house. This may involve removing structural parts of the home, including things like damaged vents, pipes, or walls. Next, items that can be cleaned need to be thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. This process may involve hiring carpet cleaners and dry cleaners to help clean fabrics affected by smoke.

Deodorize Trapped Smoke From Some Fabrics and Textiles

If you have furniture, clothes, or other items that you haven't been able to clean the smoky smell out of, there's a good chance the smell is trapped. Professional cleaners use a technology known as ozone, which reverses the smell of smoke. It does this through oxidation and changing the air chemicals in the fabrics. Essentially, the smoke properties are broken up and altered to a much cleaner, fresher smell. Depending on the extent of how much furniture or items you need deodorized, this process may be done in your home or at an isolated location.

Release Trapped Smoke in Walls and Vents in Your Home

In any substantial fire, it's essential to have smoke removed from walls and vents as soon as possible. When smoke gets in vents and walls, it can get stuck on the surface or embedded in a wall's porous surfaces. A thermal fogger machine is used to generate fog within your home, and the moisture helps draw out trapped smoke in a variety of surfaces. This can be done without adding to the damage of your home, and it's the fastest and most thorough way to get smoke out of hidden areas.

Most people don't have the tools or the skills to completely remove the smoky smell from their home after a fire. It's worth bringing in professionals to help you quickly address the smoke damage before it is permanently stuck to walls, textiles, and fabrics. To learn more about fire damage, speak with a business like FRSTeam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration.