How Bad Can Smoke Damage My Home?

Having your home catch on fire is a terrible situation that no homeowner wants to go through. Even if you have a small fire that is contained to a single room, such as the kitchen, the fire itself may be the least of your concerns. The smoke can cause much more damage that is not immediately apparent, as it can easily spread through all areas of your home.

The restoration process will be difficult to get the smell of smoke gone for good. Here are some ways that smoke damage can harm your home:


As the smoke travels through your home, the soot will land on top of your carpeting, furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings. Smoke from a house fire is different that cigarette smoke due to the pure volume of smoke that results from it. By the time the fire department arrives, the smoke had already covered your entire home, and left a layer of soot on everything.

There is no guarantee that anything can be cleaned, with some materials being more difficult than others. Cloth items like furniture are potentially salvageable, but plastics most likely will not be saved. Anything that is made out of plastic has the potential to turn yellow, which is very difficult to fix.


Smoke will find its way in places that you cannot even see, but you will be able to smell the aftermath. Smoke will permeate the wood used in the construction of your home, drywall, and the insulation. All of these items will need to be treated to reduce the smell of smoke, or completely replaced.

Electronics Failure

One of the unknown side effects of smoke is that it is a corrosive material. It will affect all of your electronics in your home as the smoke makes its way through vents, and eventually settles on electronic components.

You should be cautious of your electronics after they've been in a house fire, even if they are still working and appear fine. The internal components will have to be thoroughly cleaned, or else that smoke will corrode the components over time.

Cleaning your home after a house fire is beyond the scope of what the average person can do. You will need professional help when it comes to restoring everything that was damaged. Contact a fire damage restoration company that is familiar with the advanced steps that need to be done to preserve your home and possessions.

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