Signs Your Furniture Is Overused And Needs To Be Replaced Or Restored

Your furniture is comfortable, broken in, and color coordinated to your living room; but would you know if your furniture was overused and needed to be replaced or restored? From old age to improper care, there are several signs that show your furniture is in need of repair or replacement. 

Lumps in the Mattress

If your mattress has large lumps in it or you wake up with sore joints and muscles, it is time for the mattress to be replaced. Believe it or not, your mattress should be a comfortable place to sleep.

You Sink into the Couch

One surefire way to tell it is time to restore your couch is when you begin to sink into it. When you sit down on a couch, you should be propped up and the cushions firm. If you sit down and sink right into the couch, your couch has been overused and needs to be restored or replaced.

Creaking Wood Furniture

Your wooden furniture should never talk back to you. If your dining room chairs or couches are creaking every time you sit down or stand up, it is time to replace or repair them. The wood begins to creak when it is no longer sturdy and come loose. Too much weight or use can cause the wood to buckle. You should not continue to use the wooden furniture once it starts talking until you replace or repair it.

Faded Color on a Couch

If your couch was once forest green and now is a turquoise green/blue, you need a new couch or you need the material to be restored. Couches are going to fade over time, but the moment your couch is a completely different color is the moment you need to think about replacing it or having it reupholstered. While having a faded couch is not going to hurt you, it can do a lot of damage to the visual appeal of your living room.

Not Comfortable

Was your furniture comfortable when you bought it? If so, it should still be comfortable. Over time, furniture becomes uncomfortable to sit on because it has aged and needs to be repaired or replaced. You should not deal with uncomfortable seating, you should get the problem fixed. If you do not enjoy sitting in your living room anymore, call a restoration company or take a trip to a store like Ritchie's Furniture & Appliance

Age Plays a Role

If you cannot remember the last time you purchased a new set of dining room chairs or your dining room chairs are older than your teenager, think about shopping for a new set. No piece of furniture is intended to outlive you. At the very least, you should take it to a restoration expert and see if they can give your furniture a makeover. 

Out with the old and in with the new is a concept that should be applied to your household furniture from time to time. Your furniture is not supposed to be uncomfortable and unsightly. If money is tight, just start by restoring or replacing one piece of furniture at a time.