Four Signs A Custom Designed Half Shower Door Is Right For Your Shower

One of the custom shower door designs often overlooked is the half door. Half doors look stylish, and they can provide functional benefits as well. Half doors aren't right for every situation, but they are ideal for many situations. Here are four signs a custom half door is right for your shower:

1. You want to be able to roll into the shower

If you or someone who lives in your home is in a wheelchair and prefers to shower while in the chair, you likely need an open shower that you can roll right into. However, the tracks from a shower door can make it impossible to roll into the shower.

Luckily, you can install a custom designed half shower door over half of your shower – simply roll through the open space and shower behind the half door. As the half door is firmly rooted to the floor of the shower, it doesn't move and thus doesn't require a track.

2. You want to be able to sit on the side of the tub

Being wheelchair bound is not the only reason you may want to avoid tracks under your shower door. If you are a parent who likes to sit on the side of the tub as you wash your kids' hair, you may want to avoid door tracks as well.

Luckily, a half door can do this for you. Have a custom half door designed so it fits over half of your bathtub. If someone is showering in the front of the tub, the half door will keep the water contained, but as the back half of the tub doesn't have a door or a track, you can it on the side of the tub comfortably.

3. You need a creative solution for a shower in a clawfoot tub

If you have a shower in a clawfoot tub, you won't be able to put full doors on your tub. Unfortunately, they are just too hard to install on that shape of tub. However, you don't have to restrict yourself to a tub with a shower curtain. Instead, you can work with a custom shower designer to create a half door. They may be able to suspend it from the ceiling or connect it to just a small part of the tub. By only attaching the door to a small part of the tub, you minimise the curves and make doors possible.

4. You like the look

In other cases, you don't really need a reason to install a half door. If you simply like the look of half doors, just go for it. You can set up these doors in a range of configurations. Use a half door installed permanently over a vertical section of a stall shower, a regular bathtub or a clawfoot tub as described above, or use a half door on the bottom with a curtain on the top. A custom designer like Rex Glass & Mirror Co., Inc. can help you think of more ideas.