A Business Owner's Guide To Glass Graffiti Removal

When you own your own business property, there are always going to be unexpected expenses due to needed repairs or maintenance. However, there are few unforeseen expenses more disturbing than vandalism. Unfortunately, business owners often arrive at their store in the morning to find that their glass storefront has been tagged with graffiti after the store closed for the night. If this is a situation you are in, it is likely that you have several questions about glass graffiti removal.

Why does it look like the paint that was used damaged the glass surface?

One of the more cruel ways of tagging with graffiti involves using paint that has an acid base and is usually used for glass etching. This solution will eat away at the smooth surface of the glass because this is what it is designed to do. If you have a marking that seems to be embedded in the glass, it is highly likely that acid etching paint was used to create it. Thankfully, if you react in time, these markings may be able to buffed out by a glass repair professional so you do not have to do a full replacement.

Is it possible to remove regular spray paint from glass with chemicals?

If the graffiti you discover is only paint, there are some solutions that you may be able to use to remove most of it from the glass. Unfortunately, spray paint is full of additives that are meant to make it dry quickly, and this means that the paint is also very difficult to remove. You can sometimes remove part of the paint by scraping with a razor blade and using isopropyl alcohol to try and soften the residue. If this is not working, you may have to use a lacquer or paint thinner to see any results, but you have to be careful with these solutions, as they can damage your glass.

Is it possible to remove graffiti from special types of glass?

If your storefront windows are frosted, pitted, or textured, it can be extremely difficult to remove graffiti of any kind without leaving a noticeable difference in color and texture behind. If you have this type of glass, you should always contact a professional glass graffiti removal service for help.

Vandalism by graffiti is a serious issue that business owners face. If you have been the victim, contact a glass graffiti removal expert in your area.