Repairing A Water Damaged Home

After a home suffers water damage, there will be a major need for repairs to be made. Otherwise, the property could be at risk of suffering extensive and widespread structural damages. While it is possible for a home that has suffered water damage to be restored, there are some basic pieces of information that the homeowner will need to know. Is Rotting The Only Concern For Wood Floors? The floors of a home can be extremely susceptible to being damaged by flooding. [Read More]

3 Different Ways to Waterproof Your Basement

Whether you have an old house or a newer house or you are just building a house, if you have a basement, you should definitely look into basement waterproofing. Because basements are notorious for getting excess moisture in them from sprinkler systems, snow, rain, and just outside moisture, it's important that you have a system in place so that you don't get permanent damage.  Sealant One thing that they should do when they are initially building your home or if you are redoing your basement is to apply a sealant on the foundation walls and the basement flooring. [Read More]

How To Eradicate Mold From Under Your Kitchen Sink

If a musty smell in your kitchen led you to find a colony of mold growing under the sink, then getting rid of it should be your top priority. While there are always some mold spores present in indoor and outdoor air, a colony growing in your home puts out a lot of extra spores into your living environment. As mold spores travel throughout your home, they can lead to further mold problems and will exacerbate allergies and cause breathing problems for the people and pets. [Read More]

2 Ways To Help Keep Your Home And Basement Safe From Flooding

Keeping your home safe from flooding includes keeping it safe from both interior and exterior flood waters. Interior flood waters can originate from a broken water heater, broken water line, or other malfunctioning appliances that use water. Exterior flooding can come from a high water table, excess precipitation or spring snow-melt runoff, and an overflowing nearby river or lake. Here are some methods to help keep your basement dry and protected from flood waters. [Read More]